Poniente brings you closer to the heart of Benidorm, a quite spectacular beach and the delicious aroma of freshly grilled fish, lemon and garlic, gently wafting through the air. Sí señor, you are in Spain.

With Hotel Bali and the residential goliath, Intempo, towering over the Poniente area of Benidorm, you would be forgiven for thinking this might be a replica version of the Levante side of the resort. For sure, as with Levante, Poniente merges into the Old Town bringing the two halves of Benidorm together. But that’s where the similarities end. Poniente is a hub for Spanish tourists, with couples and families piling in from Madrid and the Basque Country.

Poniente, Benidorm.

The promenade on Poniente beachfront is a work of art, thanks to Spanish architects, Carlos Ferrater and Xavier Martí Galí. An early morning paseo is good for the heart (and soul); begin from Dove Park, next to Benidorm Port, stopping off for a cortado in one of the many cafés that line the esplanade.

Our favourite part of Poniente, La Cala de Benidorm, is located at the far end of the beachfront. It is a little less touristy, a place where you can enjoy languid days on the sand, interspersed with the odd trip to the numerous tapas bars for una caña y un pincho de tortilla.

With plenty of independent hotels, close proximity to the Old Town and an overall relaxed aura, it truly hits the mark when choosing your place to stay in Benidorm.

Poniente Beach at night, Benidorm.