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Centred around the Old Town, with numerous gay and gay-friendly bars and establishments, the Gay Village area is now an integral part of Benidorm’s tourism landscape. 

Despite the ‘lads on the lash’ perception that dogged Benidorm for decades, the town has always been proud of its gay-friendly pedigree. With the first gay bar opening in the 1960s, there has long been an affinity between Benidorm and the gay community.

You will find an eclectic group of bars and music venues around Calles Santa Faz, Alicante, Quatre Cantons, Palma and San Miguel.

And with the advent of the annual Benidorm Gay Pride and Pink Weekend, there is now a huge influx of tourists to celebrate these fabulous occasions.

If you are searching for a holiday destination, your search stops here. Benidorm hits all the right notes when it comes to creating a safe and fun environment for the LGBTQ+ collective.