‘’Relief. Sweet, soothing relief’’

Shellen Lubin

Alongside Sella and Orcheta, Relleu is one of the villages to form part of an extraordinary rural backdrop to the coastal resort of Villajoyosa.

Blessed by an incredible mountainous setting and yet only a short drive to the coast, it might come as no surprise that close to 50% of homeowners are expats – the majority of whom are Brits.

So, as you meander through the narrow streets, peering up at the impressive Iglesia de San Jaime Apostól, feeling rather pleased with yourself for having found this archetypal Spanish pueblo, you know you can then sit down for a pie and a pint at one of the thriving British bars to have made this village their home.

Relleu Church

Famous for both its award-winning olive oil, Señorios de Relleu, and the exhilarating Relleu Footbridge clinging to the walls of a nearby canyon, if we were choosing somewhere to spend a week in Marina Baixa, Relleu is not far from being a top contender.

Whether you are a walker, hiker or climber this undoubtedly is the place for you – the sheer number of different Via Ferrata is quite astonishing, Peña del Figueret being one of the more challenging. And if you’re a cyclist, La Vuelta has covered these parts in the past so you and your bike are in excellent company.

Likewise, if your idea of outdoor life is to sit on a terrace, far from the madding crowd, sundowner in hand, and relaxing to the hum of cicadas while a waitress with a soft Brummie accent asks if you’d like another – well, you too, have found your slice of Spanish heaven.

Relleu Footbridge

Relleu Highlights