Confrides and Abdet

‘‘Everything you can imagine is real’’

Pablo Picasso

A tale of two villages might sum up Confrides and Abdet, separate enclaves under the same municipal banner, both with a shared history and a warm welcome for visitors to the upper area of the Guadalest Valley.

Confrides is one of the highest villages in the province of Alicante, rising to a height of 785m and offering access to inspiring and moderately challenging walks, taking in Peñon Mulero and Fonts de Partagas

Confrides Castle is worth a trek; the remains of a medieval Arab castle are best visited just before the sun sets across the valley, creating an ethereal vista from high on top; don’t forget to take your phone, camera and binoculars. 

Confrides Castle, Confrides, Guadalest Valley, Spain.

Just over 3km away, Abdet sits at the foot of the Serrella mountain range, picture-perfect pretty, with only three main streets and a view down through the Guadalest Valley that is hard to beat.

In Plaza de San Vicente Ferrer  you will find the Valencia region’s oldest Trinquet court, dating back to 1772, where the regional game of pilota is played.

For lovers of real Spain, whatever that might mean, Abdet marks the X on the map. You could stay here for months, writing a novel, hiking the trails, staring wistfully at the beauty all around.

If you only have a week to spare, there is no better place to unwind, fall in love with nature and sneak up to Confrides if there’s a fiesta on the go!

Abdet Village, Guadalest Valley, Spain.

Confrides and Abdet Highlights