‘’In every walk with nature, one receives far more than he seeks’’

John Muir

Benifato, a postage stamp of a village, is the smallest in the Marina Baixa region. It is often given the moniker, Puerta de Aitana, as an accolade for its status as the gateway to the awesome Aitana mountain range.

Sitting alongside Guadalest, Beniardá, Benimantell, Confrides and Abdet, Benifato is one of the pieces that make up the Guadalest Valley jigsaw. Blink and you might just miss it; so if you are driving, ease down on the accelerator, and follow the sign that leads you from the CV-70 road up into the village. If you are eager to stay and explore the area, and quietude is an attribute close to your heart, there are a handful of holiday homes in and around the village where you can settle in for a few days or more.

Benifato Church.

On the outskirts of the village, there is a rather attractive-looking building, La Venta de Benifato, one of many typical roadside restaurants popular throughout Spain. In addition to a highly enjoyable dining experience, it also sells locally sourced products, including honey, sausage and wine.

If you prefer a little more oomph during your stay, arrange to arrive during the last weekend in September. The Fira de San Miguel celebrates the Patron Saint and the village is awash with food stalls, regional music, street entertainment and falconry shows.

And then, until next year, sleepy Benifato turns down the volume and resumes the unhurried rhythm of life it has become accustomed to over the centuries.

Benifato Village Laundry.