Cable Ski Benidorm

Water Sports

33, Avenida de Madrid, Benidorm, Comunidad Valenciana, 03503, Spain

Spain’s longest cable ski has been operating here in Benidorm since 1966. Back then Avenida del Mediterráneo was still a field of olive trees. The Cable Ski platform is somewhat of a Benidorm landmark, sitting 80 or so metres from the Levante beach. Pulled along by cable rather than boat allows up to twelve skiers to simultaneously have a go, all at varying speeds. It also helps keep the cost down when compared to water skiing behind a boat. For all you people who look out from the water’s edge promising yourself that one year you’ll have a go. Just Do It. What have you got to lose? You’re in the capable hands of owners Daniel and Emma alongside their experienced team. And it’s not just skiing, you can try wakeboarding which is often regarded as a little easier for beginners.

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