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A Day at Sa Canterella


The pursuit of happiness is often hard won but the great 18th-century English writer, Samuel Johnson, realised serendipity would often play a role in helping us find the moment.

He observed, Pleasure is very seldom found where it is sought. Our brightest blazes are commonly kindled by unexpected sparks’.

As we travelled inland from Benidorm back in 2003, Sa Canterella came into view on the steep and winding climb to the mountain village of Tàrbena, and Mr Johnson’s words sprang to mind at that very moment. Nirvana, we thought!

Sa Canterella, Tarbena, Costa Blanca.

Restaurante Sa Canterella

Today, Pako runs the place he took over from his late father who was head honcho back when we first arrived.

Along with his wife, Lola, they have continued to ensure this high-up sanctuary offers something for everyone: road cyclists stopping for liquid refreshment and maybe a bocadillo, Benidorm daytrippers calling in for lunch or rural holidaymakers spending day after day by the pool, music in the background and drinks on tap.

Sunbather at Sa Canterella, Tarbena, Costa Blanca.

Sunbathing with a View

The food from the kitchen is tremendous, from salads and hamburgers to fish and steaks. 

A favoured starter is the local dish of Sobrassada con Miel; originating from Mallorca this cured sausage coated in honey is replete with history as many of the village residents descend from the original 17 Mallorcan families brought over from the Balearic island to re-populate Tàrbena in the 17th century.

Salas aat Sa Canterella restaurant, Tarbena, Costa Blanca.

Lunchtime at Sa Canterella

The views from the pool down into the valley, across to Tàrbena, and up towards the peaks of the surrounding mountains, are simply majestic and primed for Instagram pics and reels.

Look out for the yellow bike at the entrance!

Entrance to Restaurante Sa Canterella, Tarbena, Costa Blanca.

Entrance to Sa Canterella

Oh, and don’t forget to ask Pako for a mojito – you will be sipping on one of the best drinks you’ll have on holiday. The mint is picked fresh from the garden.

So, if you’re in the area make sure to put Sa Canterella on your ‘Must Visit’ list. 

After you depart, keep driving, for you never know when serendipity might step in to create your own special slice of Spain moment.

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