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One Day in La Vila

If you’ve already decided to book a holiday to Villajoyosa, fabulous! Prepare to encounter the authenticity of La Vila; to experience the local Valencian culture, the rhythm of daily life, and the inescapable enchantment of the place.

If, however, you are considering a day trip from Benidorm, check out how to get the best out of this great town by spending a day with us on the beach, wandering the streets of the Old Town and calling in for the odd beer and some tapas.

Playa Centro, Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca



For starters, let’s get here early. From Benidorm, it’s best to catch the tram – Line No 1 – and then make the 10-minute walk from the station down to Playa Centro.

If you have hired a car head for Avenida del Port, the road running parallel to the beach, where you will find a handy underground car park. Alternatively, if you follow the road you will shortly arrive at a large open-air car park with plenty of spaces.

Underground Car Park, Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca.

Underground Car Park, Avenida del Port

Once on the beach, you have the option to rent your sunbeds and parasol for the day or, if you’re going DIY, just get yourself set up, take in the views and relax.

Volleyball Nets, Playa Centro, Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca.

Playa Centro

The sea is a treat, shallow for a good while and perfect for the whole family. On the occasional day, you will have gentle waves rolling in to add to the fun, especially for the kids.

Looking back from the water’s edge you have a view of the famous multicoloured fishermen’s houses, now converted restaurants and shops at street level with holiday homes above.

Fishermen_s Houses, Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca.

Famous Fishermen’s Houses

The Sea

If you are here in the summer and enjoy the ocean don’t forget to take your bodyboard as it can be great fun riding the surf (12-inch high surf, that is!). Alternatively, you can hire a jet ski, rent a boat or try parasailing with your other half – it might seem scary when looking from afar but if you can get over the initial wariness the view from the sky and the adrenaline rush is something else.

Parasailing at Villajoyosa, Costa Blanca.

Parasailing at Playa Centro

The Town

After a couple of hours on the lounger and splashing about in the Med, time to explore the beachfront, source a spot for lunch and then walk off any excess by moseying on up to Villajoyosa Old Town.

Villajoyosa Beachfront

Beachfront Square

During high season the atmosphere crackles with joy as couples and families head to one of the many restaurants along the seafront. And the menu is international from Spanish to Italian and French to Argentinian.

People enjoying lunch at a Villajoyosa beachfront restaurant.

One of many beachfront restaurants

But if seafood is high on your list when in Spain then Villajoyosa is the perfect location. The Spanish approach to fish is unbeatable – simple and fresh.

Grilled Sardines.

Our delicious grilled sardines

Walking around the Old Town is a pleasure – you can quite easily imagine the hard life the people had when fishing was the only source of income and tourists and tourism were light years away. The town deserves a lot of credit for how they have restored and maintained the buildings; not only does this enhance life for residents but makes the tourism offer all the more appealing.


Typical Villajoyosa street

Villajoyosa Old Town.

Bright neon homes

Beach, Beer and Tapas

Although busy during the peak summer months, the main beach at Villajoyosa is never really crowded. It’s probably why the many Northern Europeans – French, Swedes, Dutch and Brits – on first finding this laid-back resort keep returning. We call it the Villajoyosa Vibe!

Villajoyosa Beach.

Afternoon on the beach

As you might expect, there are numerous places where you can rock up and order that first glass of Pinot Grigio or an ice cold beer. We like to go a bit off track and discover something a little different, just to make us feel like a local while on holiday. A favourite pit stop is Ca Barto, located behind the beachfront. Specialising in oysters, you can enjoy them sitting on a stool in the shade with a chilled glass of sherry.

Ca Barto, Villajoyosa.

Ca Barto

The unassuming 3-star Hotel Censal in the town centre is a place we’ll often pop into for a drink on our way back to the tram or if we’ve been on a Villajoyosa discovery walk. It’s located opposite one of the many Valor Chocolate cafés in Villajoyosa. It’s a friendly bar and a nice place to relax and recharge.

Hotel Censal Bar, Villajoyosa.

Bar at Hotel Censal


You can make your way back to Playa Centro via one of several narrow streets to spend the late afternoon and early evening hours soaking up the final rays of sunshine.

Villajoyosa street to beach.

Narrow street to beach

One day in La Vila is a good thing. A week is even better! Although close to Benidorm it is a world away. A totally different Spanish experience and one that we recommend. The Benidorm and Beyond website is all about Benidorm and the towns and villages that make up Beyond. We think Villajoyosa is our favourite Beyond!

Palm Trees, Villajoyosa beach.

Sunset on Villajoyosa Beach

For places to STAY, DINE and DRINK check out our Villajoyosa Guide.

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