Homenaje a la Ruta

Saturday 8 June - 5:00 pm

22, Calle Primavera, Benidorm, Comunidad Valenciana, 03501, Spain

La Ruta was Valencia’s equivalent to Manchester’s Hacienda. A cutting-edge dance scene that emanated from a patchwork of clubs outside of Valencia. At the time, during the 1990s and 2000s, Spaniards flocked to clubs such as Chocolate, Barraca, Spook Factory and Puzzle. And DJ’s rolled in from all over Europe. Although Ibiza stole the global spotlight, there remains a certain reverence amongst the clubbing cognoscenti for all things La Ruta. And here in Benidorm, you get to #rememberyourlife and relive the high point of the Spanish clubbing scene from over twenty years ago. If you’re a youngster, get yourself a ticket, pay homage to a unique time in dance history – and find out the type of music your parents danced to when they were young!

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