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There’s something inviting about Benidorm and the Marina Baixa region. Here, one of the world’s most famous beach resorts meets real Spain.

This is where a vibrant urban seascape gives way to mountainous peaks and hidden villages. You can sample fabulous tapas and authentic paella or indulge in cosmopolitan cuisine from across the world. A beer in the sun, al fresco dining and partying until the early hours. Marvel at skyscrapers reaching for the clouds and explore the charm and beauty of rural Costa Blanca.

Enjoy a region that celebrates a glorious past and continues to shape an even greater future. Benidorm is never just one thing, you simply have to go Beyond and experience it for yourself!

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Urban Seascapes

Fabulous Tapas

Al Fresco Dining

Party all night

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Each of our destinations has a distinctive charm. Take time to discover the beauty of towns sitting on the shores of the Med and hidden villages sprinkled across the majestic Guadalest Valley. Go Beyond and experience for yourself the joy of Marina Baixa.

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